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Quanar Onamental ceiling fan to cool off the room atmosphere.
The fan shall be suitable for floor standing 3-speed and ON/OFF push button switch Height adjustment: 129-154cm (50 3/4" -…
The best way to cool your home and office atmosphere. Sonik Air cooler gives you the complete cooling comfort you…
Baja Torque cooling system has the cooling effect in your home and atmosphere.
Automatic voltage switcher surge regulator
Best way to cool and Freeze your food. Hisense Chest Freezer Home and office Chest Freezer
32 inches LG Tv LK500BPTA with great visual
32 inches Maxi LED HD TV for your living room
Hisense N2176 is a product for people who need a Full HD LED TV and are unwilling or unable to…
Features: power 110W, color White, Key/Lock optional, Temperature control mechanical, Defrostig manual.

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